Thing 15: My Reflection on Delicious

Delicious is the social bookmarking web platform, which can also be used in a personalized manner for those sites we do not like to share with others.

As a chemistry teacher working for the American public school system, it often becomes necessary for us to refer to various websites. In the normal modes of adding to Bookmarks or to the Favorites, we have limited facilities. On the other hand, with delicious, we can arrange major concept wise subconcept wise and so on. Therefore, Delicious provides organization as well as economy of space and search time.

I find Delicious extremely useful for my planning instruction, for my brainstorming sessions with my team teachers, and sharing new information/knowledge with others and so on.

we live in a society; solitary knowledge or solitary development does not lead to the growth and development of the society. We are aware that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. When we socialize with others, hybridization of concepts emerge and we are able to create knowledge and theories hitherto unforeseen.

Delicious is such a wonderful cool facility that any educator should capture. It gives abundant opportunities for newer developments in educators and education.

Thing 9: Let Us Share Nuances of Chemistry Teaching

I am Renuka Rajasekaran. I am an internaional teacher with 22 years of teaching experience.

I am keenly interested in sharing my teaching experience with other chemistry teachers and am equally interested in benefiting from their experience.

My wiki page Renus Chemfort at is aimed at realizing this ideal.

I look forward to receiving the notes of chemistry teachers.

Renuka rajasekaran

Thing 10: Creative Commons: The Creativity Cauldron The

he Professional and Personal Impacts of Creative Commons

1. Have you noticed the CC logo on any websites you visit? Did you wonder what it meant?

Yes. Creative Commons
2. Do you think CC will impact the way students learn and create projects? How?
* The urge to show to others and win appreciation of others is a natural characteristic of students. At the same time, the students may not like the work to be copied, duplicated or plagiarized by others. creativity. CC is a good avenue for all the desires of the students. the fact that their work will not be stolen, gives the students more inhibition-free exposition of their creativity. Moreover since the procedure of application to Cc is simple, it is not generally felt as burden.
3. Do you use digital images, audio or video clips from the web in your teaching (or professional practice
* Yes. With proper permission.
4. Do you ever share content on the web?
* Yes.
5. Who owns your teaching materials?
* the school I work for.
6. What are some potential negatives for using CC?
* Depending on the answers to such key questions related to commercial exploitation and allowance for editiing by others, the proprietary on creativity may get affected.

Thing 8 Stretch: Surrogacy

Thing 8 Stretch: Surrogacy

1. Topic searched in Wikipedia


2. Does the content seem valid, complete, well-written?


3. Visit the Discussion tab to see if there has been any conversation or controversy about the article.

Yes. There is conversation and controversy about the contents of the article.

4. Look at the History tab and explore a few of the revisions.

I merged from surrogate mother and redirect that here. RJFJR 01:44, 28 January 2006 (UTC)

I removed the word or ersatz mother from the phrase

A surrogate mother or ersatz mother

because it seems pejorative to me. If this is a common or important term then please reinsert it. RJFJR 01:44, 28 January 2006 (UTC)

Should this be here?

Her favorite food is bananas.


I doubt that that should be there. I’m removing it, since it’s tangential. Rarr 21:16, 10 March 2006 (UTC)
We could talk about religious views towards surrogacy. I know that Roman Catholics in particular opposed to it (sorry, had a test on fertility treatments in religious studies today). Also, in the UK, it is illegal to pay someone for surrogacy. Baberlp 20:20, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

Christian bioethics

The article should maybe allow room for the official views expressed by the social doctrine of the Church. ADM (talk) 04:35, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has no legislation governing surroagacy at all, however NSW recently outlawed surrogacy under the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2007 No 69 [1] —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:29, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

5. Post a blog entry reflecting on your Wikipedia experience

My Wikipedia experience for the search “Surrogacy” was extremely nice. Being a sensitive topic, there has been hot discussion on the various dimensions of Surrogacy. The history shows consistent updating/revision of the article.

This article contains weasel words, vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information. Such statements should be clarified or removed. (March 2009)

This article needs additional citations for verification.

it is important to improve this article by adding reliable references (ideally, using inline citations). Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (February 2008)

Thing 11: Exploring Flickr and Photosharing

Chemistry fascinates me. water the medium of life is in the liquid form for its most part on earth. If it were not present in the liquid form, most life forms may not have been possible on earth.

Even at those regions where temperature falls subzero (zero degree celcius is the freezing pount of water), water does support life forms because of a great mystery. The mystery is that ice is lighter than water, therefore, it collects at the surface water and lets the water below to remain tin the liquid state.

Another important characteristic of water in supporting life forms is the fact that oxygen is soluble in water. all aquatic organisms depend on the dissolved oxygen.

Look at the snow on the ground,underneath the tree shown in the picture below. The snow is actually the precipitation of the water content of the air. Actually, snow as it is formed is porous, soft and capable of flying and falling. It is only after the snow falls on earth that gets slowly hardered.


Image by

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Thing 21: Page Flakes

First I thought what flakes are being talked about. as i followed the step by step instruction to open the pageflake pagecasts, I wondered what a platform I have to benefit from.

I admit that I have not yet learned or practiced as to how to edit and format the pageflakes. I would soon master that technique. But what inspired me so much is the fact that we can very successfully employ, pageflakes as Graphic Organizers for our Differentiated Instruction.

Segregation and assortion are the natural offerings from Pageflakes let us harness this potential of pageflakes to the best advantage.

THing 7b: Google Reader Reflux

Since I opened the Google Reader account, I opened it for the second time to see the kind of feeds that have rushed in there. Yes the feeds are overwhelming. But since the feeds are classified and are chronologically arranged title by title, reading the feeds were pretty easy.

From the titles , I was able to see if that content was relevant to my quest or not.
Some of the items were very interesting. I know we are in an era of information explosion and the feeds are going to rush in countless numbers and I have got to use my human intelligence to decide on what I select for my present quest, and would preserve the rest for later research.

I invite my friends for delicious delight: A fish recepie which I found under my food allergy search.
This fish is called April Fish. Please enjoy the presentation.
April Fish